INSTRUCTIONS: Video instructions coming soon. If you have questions now - email

All our covers are "oversized" by design to allow the best possible "black out" fitment and each window cover is different. When our covers are new, they will feel a little firm/stiff but don't worry, they will soften up with a few uses. If you have wrinkles in the fabric from storage, just put them in the sun or let them stay in their window locations overnight and it will help remove them. 

When installing into your window surrounding, some styles will need some more coaching than others so just fine tune your fit with some small up/down/ side to side adjustments and make sure to push all the edges in as deep as they go to help seal up the frame and get them to fit best. Some covers not only use magnets to hold them into place but also friction (like front door covers) to stay in place. 

Front Windshield Covers:

  • Remove cover from its stuffsack

  • Place window cover on dash and open completely with the black fabric facing outward. 

  • Push window cover completely down deep into the window bottom between glass and dash. No need to push hard, just make sure it is seated correctly across the entire length of the window. 

  • Depending on the van, next steps are: 

    • MERCEDES-BENZ:  Vans with rear view mirror, Lift up the window cover and wrap around the rear view mirror one side at a time with the cut out and use magnet to close around it. If you have a technology box or dont have rear view mirror, use the provided hooks up that go up under the headliner and once hooled on, pull cord locks on other side to pull up close to the glass. If you don't need them, they can be either not used or removed. 

      • Roll your hand accross the top of one side of the cover to the side of the van and pull down sun visor to hold in place. Repeat step but on other side to finish instalation. 

      • If you have light leakage coming in, push the window cover into these gaps to best seal it up. 

      • To remove window cover, revers the process. 


      • Use the same steps above but note there is not an additional hook/tension system on these covers as it is not needed for these vans. ​

VanEssential Hook Tension system

Hook Mount Location for front windshield cover on Mercedes-Benz (Not Ford or Ram)

Front Door Covers:

  • Remove covers from its stuffsack

  • Choose a window to work with first and match up the cover shape to that window with the black color side facing outward. 

  • Push window cover completely into the closed door frame with equal amounts showing around all the sides to form a seal.

  • Push in as needed and do slight up/down side to side to get the best fit. 

  • Repeat on other side of van to the other door. 

  • Depending on the van, next steps are: 

    • MERCEDES-BENZ:  If your van doors have a grab handle, Fold back the flap to install correctly in place. 


      • Use the same steps above.

      • Make sure to move your cover down behind the plastic trim where needed for a good fit. When new, they will need some time to soften and fit correctly. 

  • Reverse the process and store back into stuffsack to store away until next use. 


Installing your roof vent cover

Your new roof vent cover will come with an easy-as-pie installation kit. This includes 10 magnets plug 1 spare—because life happens.

Time: 10 minutes

Tools needed:

  • Phillips-head screw driver

  • Painter’s tape or similar


  • Remove the fan/vent flange from the interior of your van. Most flanges are attached with four screws.

  • Place the window cover on a flat surface with the tag side facing down.

  • Now set the flange on top of the cover with the flat surface facing down.

  • Place the included magnets along the flange—causing them to snap into place with the magnets inside the fan cover.

  • Use tape to secure the magnets in place.

  • Re-install the flange to the roof of your van.

Instructions for installing metal mounting tabs for Bunk windows


  • Clean your window frame to remove any dust with an Isopropyl wipe or similar.

  • Remove one side of the VHB tape tabs and attach to metal tab. Repeat for all metal tabs supplied.

  • CAUTION: Try not touch the adhesive side on VHB Tape as oil from your hands might ruin the adhesive.

  • Hold your window cover up to the window frame to identify where the metal mounting tabs should go. The tabs need to match up with the magnets inside the window cover trim.

  • Peel the backing off the other side of VHB tape on the metal tab and stick to the clean window frame where they align up to the magnets. Repeat for all magnet locations.

  • Attach the window cover to the frame.

  • You are all done!