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We are a small team of problem solvers with a passion for the outdoors and the vans that take us there. We understand what's truly essential to making van life more comfortable because we’ve been living the van life since before it became a hashtag. 


Like many of yours, our story starts with adventure. After decades of weekends spent converting camper vans in between weeks working for outdoor brands and traveling around the world, our founder James decided it was time to make his passion his profession.

In his quest to find the best window covers for his own van conversions, he bought, tested, cut open, and pulled apart every window cover on the market. And when he couldn’t find an option that met his standards for dependability and affordability - he decided to take the design and sourcing experience from manufacturing equipment for top named global brands to develop the best blackout window covers ever. 


As our window covers gained popularity in the community, we set out to expand our product offerings to become the go-to shop for campervan accessories including Bug Screens, Shower Curtains and Storage Solutions.

Sprinter van at dusk with vanessential covers installed. One door open with light shining out.



We’ll be the first to tell you that manufacturing high performance window covers isn’t rocket science. Yet, there are many companies looking to cover up more than your windows - they’re also covering up poor quality. If we've learned anything in trying, testing, and tearing apart our competitors covers its this: You don't always get what you pay for.  In the spirit of transparency, we’re deconstructing the anatomy of our window covers so you can make your own, informed purchase.


Turns out, knowledge really is power.

Annotated breakdown of what is inside and what makes up a VanEssential window cover


Close up of VanEssential window covers

Premium Materials

All of our fabric (where available) is exclusively produced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.


In an effort to be a sustainable brand, we turn trash into a beautiful, soft material that offers superior durability and longevity compared to polyester or nylon fabrics. 

Close up hand installing a window cover on front window of van

Magnets With Holding Power

 We use only Neodymium rare earth magnets in our products for maximum holding power in both hot and cold temperatures. Our magnets are rated as N48 and have a maximum operation temperature of less than 176°F (80°C).


Each magnet is strategically sized and stitched into position inside our covers to offer the perfect holding position on your window. 

Double Aluminum Insulation

We are proud to offer the highest quality automotive grade insulation available on the market. Our double-faced pure aluminum 5mm foam insulation with adhesive is rated over 212°F (100°C) - making it the real hero in keeping your van cool on hot days and toasty on cold nights.


From our research, competitors use cheap plastic-like foil in their construction or low-E building insulation. These materials are not designed to last and start to break down immediately. Unfortunately, since insulation is on the inside, you can’t see it coming apart.

Close up of materials inside a vanessential window cover

Manufactured for Quality

Here at VanEssential, we value transparency. Our materials are sourced and final assembly is completed in China. We ship our products all over the world, so proximity to the best infrastructure is crucial to provide you with quality window covers that ship fast. Specific laser cutting machines, stitch automation, and key material sources like our recycled fabrics and insulation are not available in the U.S.

Close up of fastening tools attached to VanEssential window covers
Couple unpacking window covers to install on their sprinter van

Pricing That Sits Right

With prices set to save you money and materials designed to save the planet - our window covers are what you call a win-win-win.


We're so sure that you'll love our covers that we offer a Lifetime Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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