MERCEDES-BENZ Rear Door Window Covers (Pair)
  • MERCEDES-BENZ Rear Door Window Covers (Pair)

    These rear door window covers are made with 5.0mm double faced aluminum crosslinked PE foam Insulation which reflects up to 95% of radiant heat and durable ripstop UV resistant Polyester fabrics and use powerful N52 Neodymium magnets.


    Sold in pairs (LH + RH), these rear door window covers install with magnets. Our rear door window covers can be folded up to let light in and will store in place but as the length of the cover vs width of the door does not always allow the door close easily when stored up top, we recommend remove and store in stuff sack provided. 


    Black Fabric is on the outside to support stealth camping. Storage sack included.


    NOTE: This cover uses magnets to attach to the van and store in place. If you have plastic around your rear windows or you have something else blocking the metal around the window frame due to your conversion design, this shade won’t work. We do not make for a full plastic covered rear doors, REVEL or other rear door window designs at this time.

    PriceFrom $129.95
    Excluding Sales Tax