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Don't want to use the factory blind and screen options that comes with your window? We now have a solution that gives bug/screen protection AND insulation with a radiant heat barrier for your window. 


Available for all 11 Tern Overland window sizes, simply install our included 3M VHB metal tab kit to your frame trim ring and attach our magnetic window cover into place. The window cover rolls up in place with hidden magnets stitched on the inside allowing it to stay in place while keeping the bug screen where it needs to be across the open window. 


NOTE: Our window cover sizes match Tern Overland product sizes, not the blind screen or cut out size. Additional information can be found on Tern Overland's website. 


What's Included:

[1] Window Cover + Bug Screen
[1] 3M Adhesive Metal Tab Kit 


Installation: Visit our Instructions Page for details on how to install your Bunk Window Cover. Installation takes about 15 minutes per window. 


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