RAM Promaster Front Door Window Covers (Pair)


** SOLD OUT OF Cool Gray and Olive Gray - NEXT AVAILABLE ESTIMATED END FEB 2022 **


SALE ON OLIVE GRAY COLOR. We are updating our color End of March and clearing out 2021 styles. 


Designed for RAM Promaster van years 2014 - Current


These front door window covers are made with 5.0mm double faced aluminum crosslinked PE foam Insulation which reflects up to 95% of radiant heat and durable ripstop UV resistant Polyester fabrics and use powerful Neodymium magnets.


Sold in pairs (LH + RH), these front door window covers mounts with magnets and without needing to open the doors to install. Black Fabric is on the outside to support stealth camping. Storage sack included.

RAM Promaster Front Door Window Covers (Pair)

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