INSTRUCTIONS: (Detailed instructions coming very soon) if you have questions now - email

When our covers are brand new, they will feel a little firm/stiff but don't worry, they will soften up with a few uses.When installing into your window surrounding, some styles will need some more coaching than others so just fine tune your fit with some small up/down/ side to side adjustments and make sure to push all the edges in as deep as they go to help seal up the frame and get them to fit best.

For the front window shade, this has a double hook tensioning system to help really suck it up on the glass and get around those technology boxes. To use, first extend your cord-lock to the full length on the cord, put your window cover into place (black side outward) and then attach each hook under the roof trim and then pull the cord lock snug on the other side. It does not need to be tight so don't over do it. Once this in place, push up one side of the cover first in to place and use the sun visor to hold it up. Then do the same on the other side. It is easiest to do this before you swivel your seats.

Our rear door window covers can be folded up to let light in and will store in place but as the length of the cover vs width of the door does not always allow the door close easily when stored up top, we recommend remove and store in stuff sack provided. 

The Crew and Sliding door windows do fold up from the bottom to support vented windows. The bottom will meet some sewn in magnets in the cover to hold it up in place.

For the roof vent cover and bed panel window covers, installation instructions are included but if you need more help, please reach out to us as we are happy to answer this and any other questions you have.


Hook Mount Location for front windshield cover